Internship @ Maastricht University

27 June 2019
Hi Javier, introduce yourself: My name is Javier González Rodríguez and I am a physician and professor of health economics, I live in Bogotá and I work at Universidad del Rosario in Bogotá, Colombia.
What are you doing here: My research internship at Maastricht University, as part of my postdoctoral year, at the Department of Health Services Research – Creating Value-Based Care - led by Dr.  Silvia Evers, has been a truly memorable experience. 
What is your research about: My research is aimed at establishing the costs generated by Type II Diabetes in relation to the associated co-morbidities. This in order to develop a predictive cost model for Colombia, based on the risk determined by the number and level of severity of these comorbidities. At UM, I had the opportunity to review and discuss the research approach and received valuable information on groups that have been working on diabetes for some time and have developed modelling and economic simulation in diabetes. We were also able to review the systematic literature review methods applied in the CAPHRI research group.  
The UM provides you with a very high academic level in a cordial and friendly environment, in which you have access to modern technologies and research approaches, as well as the possibility of alternating with researchers from other European countries, such as Belgium and Germany, but also from other countries of the world.
What did you explore: During my stay in Maastricht I also had the opportunity to attend the Research Meeting Lola-HESG congress 2019, and the HTAi2019 conference in Cologne, Germany.   Maastricht is a very welcoming city and I felt realy welcome.  My stay at the Maastricht University is truly an innovative and very enjoyable experience, worth repeating whenever possible.